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Closeup video stills of the second plane before impact through various filters

Others work here first...


Flight 175 anomaly or POD

Some have said that the "object" in question was only visable after hitting the sunlight and giving a reflection. In lowering the contrast the first photos (video stills) which were taken overhead, show that this " POD " was there before hand.

My enlargments below...









new picture, though i can not yet account for its authenticity.

Page 2. (video stills of the flash)

other related...

The Video and filters....
On several of these photos, i simply did an "autolevel" and "auto-contrast" in photoshop.
On others, i "toned down" the non-color information. This process allows the photo to appear less "washed out", keeping the relavant information. I did NOT add a buldge or flash.
These are still from a video. Though i can not personally verify the origin, it appears to be exactly the same video that was shown on 911, but a higher resolution than the networks provided.

New news from the anomaly on flight 175
a new forum at Democratic Undergroundand page about
discussing previously unseen video (NEW?) of flight 175 just before hitting the tower.
interestingly, the stills are on the this
NIST .pdf link (appendixh.pdf)
The new stills were done by Scott Myers who also did a
review for Final Cut Pro ,
 a program that just happens to be capable of making an overlay (like the "building")
 and running prepared frames behind it. it seems he was also a JFK researcher,
 who's specialty was making
digital simulations (thanks to the Webfairy for this)

I will attempt to answer some of the questions posed to me about this....

Is it a  Missile ?
I peronally have no idea, i have not researched this enough to give my opinion.

Do I think it should be considered scientific proof of complicity?
No, at least not at this point.

Do I think people should have the right to look into this if they like ?
Of course.   (by the way, they already do have the right to question, at least right now)

Is it possible it is a reflection of the sun, or other anomaly?
Possible, yes, i would say so, but not likely. Several different videos show the same thing.

What else could it be?
Possibally an antenna?  Col Grande Pre mentioned the need for AWACS to pull off a remote control "hijacking".
Further it could have been used to "stealth" the plane from radar.

DGP:  These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5 and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand. So, in short, and if you read books 2 and 3, you will discover how and why this came about.

I think the reader is smart enough to make up his/her own mind, and I urge anyone to look at any and all information possible. Then come to their own conclusion if this interests you.

This site goes into detail showing the difference in the paint job, which should have shown a bright white stripe down the middle of the bottom of this plane (for a standard 767UA plane). all of the photos that day seem to show something different.

(there is also a lot of great info about the Pentagon and the building collapses)

analysis here as well...

Jeff Rense article

First site I know of that posted the contraversial pictures...

Jack Blood review...
After reviewing the video from , has analyzed the flash emitted by the tip of the ‘pod’ located below the airliner. Webmaster Mario Andrade, a Gulf War veteran an explosive ordinance specialist, has noticed remarkable similarities between the ‘pod’ and a military-type general purpose (GP) bomb, such as the commonly used Mark 84 (MK-84).

News from "the Pod"
What really hit the South Tower. Was it a plane from the war drills?

The Cleveland Airport Mystery

9/11 War Games – No Coincidence has posed the possibility that it was a KC767 tanker?

are the 2 objects in green on this photo, related to the objects circled in black here ?

Boeing has not clarified the enigma of the second plane

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The Webfairy has a great collection of flash videos here comparing the second hit videos...

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